There is always something to be grateful for

Focus on all the good things around you

Focus on all the good things around you

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We live in times when it seems complicated to be grateful for something, but, if you think about it, you’ll find reasons. At night, remember those two or three things that have happened to you and for which you are grateful: you received a comforting call, shared a few laughs with some friends, you are in good health, you went shopping and didn’t find anyone waiting in line… Every little detail is important if it helps you to think positively. Focusing on all the good things around us is relaxing and leaves no space for negative thoughts.

Being grateful not only cheers us up and makes us aware of all the things life gives us, but also allows us to be more friendly and empathetic to others, thus improving our relationships.

Think about the people you have close these days, thank them, show them you appreciate them being there. You’ll see relationships improve and become more enjoyable. But keep in mind that gratitude is not about saying “Thank you” all the time. It’s an inner attitude that makes us feel good about our life, about ourselves and about the people around us.

Express gratitude. Be grateful to others. You´ll see how addictive it is.