Autonomous Emergency Braking

Cameras, radar and sensors that brake for us

Cameras, radars and sensors to avoid the risk of collision.

Autonomous emergency braking (AEB) is an advanced driving assistance system that, thanks to the use of cameras, radar and various sensors, is capable of detecting vehicles and objects in our path that are traveling at lower speeds, stationary vehicles and even pedestrians, and in some cases cyclists. Once these are detected, and when there is a risk of collision, the system alerts the driver and, in case of inaction, activates emergency braking.

There are three types depending on the speed at which the system is activated and what they are able to detect.

Autonomous emergency braking on the road

Autonomous emergency braking on the road.

Autonomous emergency braking involving pedestrians

Autonomous emergency braking involving pedestrians.

Urban autonomous emergency braking

Autonomous urban emergency braking.