2017 Awards

Recognitions in Europe and the United States

Awards and recognitions received in 2017
  • ASSA Awards for educational inclusion
    Institution: Sevillana Asperger Syndrome Association (Spain)
    Activity: Juntos Somos Capaces (Together We Can)
  • Youth Employment Awards
    Institution: Mahou-San Miguel Foundation (Spain)
    Activity: Social Program for Employment
  • The Madame Figaro-Rencontres de’Arles Photography Award 2017
    Institution: Asindown (France)
    Activity: Paz Errázuriz Exhibition
  • Randstad Foundation Awards
    Institution: Fundación Randstad (Spain)
    Activity: Juntos Somos Capaces (Together We Can)
  • iMujer Awards
    Institution: Gedeon Richter (Spain)
    Activity: Mujeres por el Corazón (Women for the Heart)
  • Best Social Initiative Awards 2016
    Institution: Compromiso Empresarial – CAF (International)
    Activity: SOS Respira (SOS Breathe)
  • Financial Education Plan Awards
    Institution: Bank of Spain (Spain)
    Activity: “Seguros y pensiones para todos” (Insurance and pensions for all)
  • PrevCon Awards
    Institution: Safe Kids Worldwide (United States)
    Activity: Accident Prevention Program for children
  • Stela Awards 2017
    Institution: Down Syndrome Foundation (Spain)
    Activity: Juntos Somos Capaces (Together We Can)
  • Recognition for Companies Collaborating with Asindown
    Institution: Asindown (Spain)
    Activity: Social and labor inclusion
  • Selection of the best photography books
    Institution: New York Times (United States)
    Activity: Paz Errázuriz Exhibition