El Salvador

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This small Central American country bathed by the coasts of the Pacific Ocean has a population of six and a half million, making it the most densely populated state in the Americas. Between 1980 and 1992, El Salvador suffered a civil war that killed approximately 75,000 people. Fundación MAPFRE supports projects that work to improve the coexistence and living conditions of Salvadorans.

6 projects

Constructing spaces for peace for children in El Salvador

Current Project

Learning to interact with others without resorting to violence, personal development through play and participation and fostering gender equality. The goal of Fundación CINDE´s Building places of peace project is to help minors living in marginal areas in El Salvador to escape from the delinquency and violence all around them.

Comprehensive training through sports in El Salvador

Current Project

The Social Sports Schools project will provide training to young people and children at risk of social exclusion in different areas, not only educational ones, but also in social skills and learning about their rights. This is carried out based an intersectional focus through sports.