May nobody go without a meal

Our volunteers deliver 2,000 meals to those in need

The Los Pinos educational center in Casavalle, a Montevideo neighborhood plagued by misery, violence and drugs, is attended by local children and young people from families in very critical conditions, which have been aggravated by the spread of COVID-19: about 70% of families in Los Pinos either lost their jobs or became unemployed as a result of the pandemic.

With the project CanastaUY our volunteers have participated in an action to donate and deliver more than 2,000 meals to those most in need. All collaborators and our network were invited to participate in this action and MAPFRE in Uruguay contributed two baskets for each one donated. Together they have managed to reach the amount of 2,349 basic food baskets that have been able to cushion the hard reality that these families are going through.

The volunteers participated in the delivery, regardless of the rain, working as a team and encouraged by a single goal: improving the reality of Los Pinos homes.