Recommended bibliography

A selection based on the subjects that interest you

Recommended bibliography Recommended bibliography

We propose a selection of publications organized by current affairs available in the Documentation Center. An overview of the insurance market that interrelates simultaneously with multiple fields.


Pandemics Pandemics

More than 50 titles to analyze the incidence of pandemics in the field of insurance and the economy.

Insurance Culture

Insurance Culture Insurance Culture

Take an interest in the insurance world and the financial world through education.


Longevity Longevity

Check how longevity is altering insurance business proposals.


Pensions Pensions

Learn about this important subject that affects your savings and your future.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation Digital transformation

Discover how innovation and digitalization are key tools to be able to adapt to the new environment.

Cyber risks

Cyber risks Cyber risks

Learn how insurance protects against new digital threats.


Insurtech Insurtech

Keep informed about Reinsurance and the challenges it faces in future.


Blockchain Blockchain

Discover the whole potential Blockchain offers to the financial and insurance industries.


Drones Drones

The appearance of drones and their use has led to a revolution in many areas. Among them the insurance. Stay informed.