Fundación NIDO is a special center for people with cerebral palsy

Fundación NIDO Fundación NIDO

Thanks to your donation, we are able to help the NIDO Foundation to upgrade and improve its specialist center where people with cerebral palsy can receive physical, occupational and speech therapy. Your donations will be used to renovate the center and provide coverage for all its needs.

Did you know that one in every 500 Spanish people is affected by cerebral palsy? Severe cerebral palsy is a brain injury that affects people's muscles, posture and movements, causing serious difficulties when it comes to carrying out everyday actions such as walking or eating. All these people battle the disease on a daily basis but they need support, assistance and guidance. With our help, they are not so alone in their struggle.

What the NIDO Foundation does is help to create the optimum environment and improve the living conditions of people with disabilities, especially those affected by cerebral palsy. This foundation has managed to build a special center for housing 20 people with profound cerebral palsy in decent conditions, as well as covering all their daily needs. This is where we need your help. We need your support to maintain and improve the facility.

The fact is that people with severe cerebral palsy need multidisciplinary treatment to alleviate the symptoms of severe spasticity (damage that interrupts the signals between the nervous system and the muscles), and there is currently no cure for the disease.

The objective is to cover all the needs they might have to achieve a better quality of life. But we cannot improve the center without your help. Any collaboration is important to help achieve a decent life for cerebral palsy sufferers and to ensure their families feel supported.

Collaborate with us! Together we can achieve it.