Carlos Pérez Siquier

Exhibition in Barcelona. Fundación MAPFRE Casa Garriga Nogués Exhibition Hall


Carlos Pérez Siquier (1930), a leading figure in the forging of photographic modernism and the professionalizing of this medium in Spain, enjoys a prominent place on the Spanish scene, firstly for his neorealism work and later as a pioneer of color photography. Pérez Siquier acts from a privileged peripheral position on the sidelines in both these disciplines, with a unique perspective that is fully mindful of his own authorship despite having started out with an intuitive understanding of photography more similar to that of a passerby than of a portraitist.

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Casa Garriga Nogués. Diputació, 250. 08007 Barcelona

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This exhibition aims to serve as an extensive retrospective of his most distinguished series carried out between 1957 and 2018 and includes a substantial number of unpublished images and documentary material that enrich their discourse.

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Marbella, 1974

Carlos Pérez Siquier
Marbella, 1974
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