2018 Awards

Encouragement that motivates us to keep working

Encouragement that motivates us to keep working Encouragement that motivates us to keep working
  • Medal of Honor from the Royal Academy of Medicine
    Institution: Royal Academy of Medicine (Spain)
    Activity: Foundation

  • Prince Michael International Road Safety Award
    Institution: Randstad Foundation (Great Britain)
    Activity: Goal Zero

  • Spanish Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Council
    Institution: Spanish Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Council (Spain)
    Activity: CPR and spreading the word in society

  • Corresponsables Awards
    Institution: Corresponsables Foundation (Spain)
    Activity: Juntos Somos Capaces (Together We Can)

  • International Safety Media Award
    Institution: Alaska Injury Prevention Center (United States)
    Activity: Goal Zero / Victims of Road Traffic Accidents Video

  • Medal of Honor from the city of Ica
    Institution: Municipality of ICA (Peru)
    Activity: Aid provided by Fundación MAPFRE

  • CUBI Awards
    Institution: Federation of Chefs and Confectioners Associations (FACYRE) (Spain)
    Activity: SOS Respira (SOS Breathe)

  • Values Apps Award (Finalists)
    Institution: Sindicat de Pares (Spain)
    Activity: En tus manos (In your hands)

  • Dirigentes Awards
    Institution: Dirigentes Magazine (Spain)
    Activity: Institutional

  • National Gastronomy Award (Finalists)
    Institution: Royal Academy of Gastronomy (Spain)
    Activity: SOS Respira (SOS Breathe)

  • 4th International CPR Congress Award
    Institution: 12 October University Hospital Foundation (Spain)
    Activity: Spreading the word about CPR in society

  • Medal of Honor from the National Police
    Institution: National Police (Spain)
    Activity: Foundational activities

  • Recognition from the Majadahonda City Hall
    Institution: Majadahonda City Council (Spain)
    Activity: Road safety education activities

  • Theatre initiative Award
    Institution: Public Relations Association (Bursa) (Turkey)
    Activity: Goal Zero