Mjn Neuroserveis (Spain)

Training, networking and publicity are some of the factors that are most appreciated by the winners in the health category

Mjn Neuroserveis (Spain) Mjn Neuroserveis (Spain)

The award is not just about winning in the final but going through all the experiences throughout the process. The founders of MJN Neuroserveis thank us for having had the opportunity to take part in this competition and for the enormous impact that being the winners in the Health Improvement and digital technology (e-Health) category of the first edition of the Fundación MAPFRE Awards for Social Innovation has had for them. The training, networking and publicity have been an incredible added bonus to winning the award. This is what they have told us.

“MJN Neuroserveis took part in the first edition of the Fundación MAPFRE Awards for Social Innovation in 2018. After being selected as semi-finalists, having gone through a selection process involving more than 400 submitted projects, in September we took part in the European semi-final in the Digital Health Category. Our experience in the semi-final was incredible, and not only because we reached the grand final. Being able to spend a few days in Madrid with outstanding projects from around Europe, and Fundación MAPFRE's dedication and fantastic organization of the event was a highly valuable experience for a project like ours. There was also a lot of publicity for the event, which is so valuable for a start-up which relies on the media's support in order to stand out in the extremely competitive environment in which we work.

The Grand Final was held in October and once again the organization of the event, the training and networking events which were run at the same time and the IE Business School's involvement which brought enormous added value to all the activities meant that MJN's participation in the Fundación MAPFRE Awards for Social Innovation has been an unforgettable experience. We want to again highlight the profound impact that taking part in the final stage of the competition has had for MJN.

At MJN we would like to thank you for the experience we have gained, we want to encourage projects with a social impact to take part and to do our bit to ensure that this second edition of the awards is as fantastic as the first”.