Semi-finalist projects in Brazil

Prevention, education and health within everyone's reach

In an event which took place on 13 June in Sao Paulo, the shortlisted projects tried to convince the judging panel that their projects were the best in each category in order to be chosen to go on to the final.

The seasoned professionals who were given the difficult task of choosing from among the 9 semi-finalists are experts in the social innovation ecosystem and put their extensive experience to good use in order to choose the three projects that will go on to compete in the final. We introduce you to the members of the judging panel.


TiX-key2enable TiX-key2enable

Category: Health improvement and digital technology (e-Health)

A keyboard which helps people with disabilities due to limited movement or a lack of fine motor skills to use computers and mobile devices.


Neurobots Neurobots

Category: Health improvement and digital technology (e-Health)

A system to rehabilitate people who have had a cerebrovascular accident by attaching an exoskeleton to the patient's paralyzed hand which is controlled by brain sensors.


Savelivez Savelivez

Category: Health improvement and digital technology (e-Health)

A platform to help find donors for high-demand blood types in an automated way for blood banks and hospitals.


88Insurtech 88Insurtech

Category: Insurance innovation

A digital platform offering services related to protection, insurance and assistance based on blockchain technology, which connects insurance brokers and clients quickly and easily.


Manejebem Manejebem

Category: Insurance innovation

A social network for small-scale farmers providing remote technical assistance to help contribute to rural sustainable development.


Psyalive Psyalive

Category: Insurance innovation

A platform which offers the user the chance to have consultations with a psychologist by videoconference and from any part of the world.

Carona a pé

Carona a pé Carona a pé

Category: Sustainable mobility and road safety

A system which organizes groups of children who live nearby in order for them to walk from home to school together, accompanied by families, coordinators or teachers.

Milênio Bus

Milênio Bus Milênio Bus

Category: Sustainable mobility and road safety

A platform which tells you if a public bus is full, the number of passengers on each vehicle and lets you pay for your ticket online.


Venuxx Venuxx

Category: Sustainable mobility and road safety

A digital and collaborative transport platform connecting women exclusively, both drivers and passengers, and which covers all the services and products of the women's trips.