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According to the WHO (World Health Organization), “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing; it is not just an absence of disease or disability". Our goal is to improve people's health and quality of life, and to do so we promote healthy eating habits, physical exercise and proper rest as factors that have the biggest influence on preventing the non-communicable diseases of our era (cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.); as well as preventing diseases related to lifestyle habits.

It is important for us to learn how to take care of ourselves. Our life expectancy is getting longer and longer and everything we can do to look after ourselves now will have an impact on our future quality of life.

Mujeres por el corazón	Mujeres por el corazón

Mujeres por el corazón

The program Mujeres por el Corazón shows you how to recognize the symptoms of a heart attack. Our objective is to raise the awareness of the public in general and women in particular about the importance of early recognition of the signs of cardiovascular diseases and to promote healthy lifestyle habits. Learn more about our activities.

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Juega Seguro Juega Seguro

Juega Seguro

Footballers, may suffer cardiac arrest with severe consequences if there no specialized medical attention is available. With the Juega Seguro program we want to help athletes be aware of the importance of preventing sudden cardiac death and advertise a set of guidelines to follow in an emergency situation.

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S.O.S. Respira S.O.S. Respira

S.O.S. Respira

Would you know what to do if a diner in your restaurant started choking? Knowing how to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre can save a life in seconds. With the S.O.S Breathe campaign we want people to know what to do when faced with these types of situations, which are aimed in particular at the hospitality and restaurant sector.

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Have you got muscles of steel? Have you got muscles of steel?

Have you got muscles of steel?

If you're a young musician or a relative of one, a music teacher or a healthcare professional, you might be interested in this program aimed at preventing injuries that can result from the use of musical instruments. We can help to prolong your professional career. Find out more. 

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Patient safety Patient safety

Patient safety

This program is aimed at healthcare professionals and seeks to help them reduce the risks involved in emergency healthcare and improve patient safety. We know that A&E is one of the healthcare areas with the highest risk of adverse events, and we show you how to prevent them.

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