Learning through sensory stimulation

More than 400 people with special needs receive care in Malta

Learning through sensory stimulation Learning through sensory stimulation play

The Inspire Foundation, with the support of Fundacion MAPFRE, has developed various multi-sensory spaces at its facilities in Marsascala which offer those youngsters with special needs, be they physical, intellectual, emotional, or behavioral, with room enough to learn through stimulation of the senses.

Through interaction led by an accredited professional, those children with learning difficulties, ADHA and mental disability have the opportunity to stimulate their senses, strengthen their emotional development, develop social and interactive communication skills, learn to control aggressive behavior and develop self-determination, among other challenges.

The beneficiaries of the service are those with some type of disability who already work with a therapy program and are referred to this project because of specific needs. The program has been tried and tested for several years and is accredited by The National Autistic Society (UK).