Solidarity Market beneficiary organizations

100% transparent and in solidarity

100% transparent and in solidarity 100% transparent and in solidarity

We want to introduce you to our market's beneficiary organizations. It is important to us that you are know that their raison d'être is to devote their work to helping others have better lives, and that you get to know about their activities and their track record so far.

In this edition, all of the money raised by the Fundación MAPFRE stalls (Gourmet bar, sale of sweets and items) and the activities of the volunteers will go to the Association of Family members of Sick people in Avila (Afávila) which works to support people with Alzheimer's and their families, and to the Acogida Foundation which takes care of young children and adolescents, offering them the possibility of living in foster care and having a stable home environment. Together we can help them to keep moving forward with their causes and increase their support to these groups in need.


In addition, 20 social organizations taked part in our Solidarity Market, which had numerous solidarity products available.

This year, these beneficiary organizations were directly managing their takings from the market. It is important to us that 100% of your money quickly and efficiently reaches those most in need, and that by knowing who the beneficiaries are you feel that you are personally taking part. You can choose who to help.