Jury for the finalist projects

The big moment is approaching. In an event held in online format, our nine finalist projects will be analyzed by an expert jury in order to choose the 3 winners, one per category, of this fourth edition of our awards, which will be announced on May 12th at 4 pm CEST, in a gala that will be broadcast via streaming.

The jury, made up of prestigious professionals from the business world and representatives of the innovation ecosystem, must evaluate each project, its impact, the team’s ability to carry it forward and its viability.

We introduce you to the jury members of the grand finale:

Vicepresidente Primero de Fundación MAPFRE y MAPFRE
Ignacio Baeza

First Vice-President of Fundación MAPFRE and MAPFRE

Directora del Área de Gestión Emprendedora, IE University
Rachida Justo

Director of the Entrepreneurial Management Area, IE University

CEO de BID Lab
Irene Arias Hofman

CEO of IDB Lab

Director de Innovación de MAPFRE y Director de Operaciones del Grupo MAPFRE
José Antonio Arias

Chief Innovation Officer MAPFRE, Group Chief Operations Officer MAPFRE

Presidente y Fundador de RECODE
Rodrigo Baggio

President and Founder of RECODE

Head of Google for Startups – Europe, Middle East and Africa
Sofía Benjumea
Head of Google for Startups – Europe, Middle East and Africa
Director General de Fundación MAPFRE
Julio Domingo

Fundación MAPFRE General Manager

Asesora Económica en Banco Europeo de Inversiones EIB
Maria Luisa Ferreira

Economic Advisor at European Investment Bank, EIB (Luxembourg)

Presidente Global de Endeavor
Adrián García-Aranyos

President of Endeavor Global

Vocal Independiente del Consejo de Administración de MAPFRE S.A.
Rosa García

Independent Member of the Board of Directors of MAPFRE S.A.

Emprendedor de nuevas tecnologías, CEO y fundador de VERSE y miembro del Consejo de Administración de MAPFRE USA
Bernardo Hernández

Entrepreneur of new technologies, CEO and founder of VERSE and member of the Board of Directors of MAPFRE USA

Innovation Lead de Microsoft en España
David Hurtado

Innovation Lead at Microsoft in Spain

Vicepresidente ejecutivo de Fundación IE
Carlos Mas

President of the IE Center for Families in Business and trustee of the IE Foundation