The future of Social Innovation

Social Innovation

The questions and answers that came up in Spark! followed on from the issues raised at the SIX Wayfinder in London in February of last year. Both meetings articulated and reaffirmed a vision of a fairer and more equitable world that should be reflected in our system, structures and ways of thinking. The social innovation of the future should focus on transformational projects that change the rules of the game and create new trends and resources in society.

But it also raised many questions:

  • At times, social innovation is not inclusive. How can this concept be shared and filtered throughout society as a whole?
  • Excessive use of the concept of “social” may reduce the impact of these initiatives. How can marketing and communication be used to keep the message alive?
  • We live in changing systems. Should we be maintaining an open dialogue to give an opportunity to new ways of looking at things?
  • Could social innovation become a movement?
  • Could the creation of a social innovation industry go against the very concept we wish to develop?

All of the unknowns are to be put on the table at the next WAYFINDER gathering in Turkey in May 2018. But this author feels that collective action is needed. So long as social action continues to be encouraged and channeled on a worldwide basis, its future is secured.