Winners of the Fundación MAPFRE Social Innovation Awards

We present the three award-winning projects in this sixth edition

We present the three award-winning projects in this sixth edition

Since we set off on the adventure that is these awards, each edition of the prize-giving ceremony, where the three winners are announced, has become the culmination of all our efforts: the social entrepreneurs have the opportunity to present and showcase their projects and the judging panel performs the difficult task of selecting the best three. In this edition, moreover, with the USA participating as a new geographical area and an increase in the number of shortlisted projects to twelve, we have managed to add even more talent to an event that was watched with excitement by both those who attended in person and those who connected via streaming.

During the prize-giving ceremony, we were able to get to know more about the projects, find out what motivated their creators, and share the dreams of their representatives.  The Auditorium at the Reina Sofia Museum vibrated with their desire to transform the world, offering feasible and concrete solutions to real problems.

The three winners receive 30,000 euros each to boost their projects and multiply their impact. They will also become part of our Red Innova, an ecosystem that connects the social innovators who are the finalists and semi-finalists from all the editions of this competition.

We present the winners from the sixth edition of the Fundación MAPFRE Social Innovation Awards:

Sistema de puntos y recompensas para concienciar a los conductores sobre la importancia de no utilizar el móvil al volante y contribuir a reducir la siniestralidad vial

Category: Prevention and Mobility

TASL, an acronym for This App Saves Lives, is a points and rewards system designed to raise awareness among driversof the importance of not using a cell phone at the wheel and to help reduce road accidents.

LUP, presenta una aplicación digital que facilita la lectura a personas con dificultades para hacerlo

Category: Silver Economy

LUP, presents a digital app that facilitates reading for people with reading difficulties, due to visual impairment or dyslexia, for example. The app converts a text or a photograph into a voice file in less than two seconds and can even translate it into more than 30 languages.

Aceleradora Unoentrecienmil (España), que promueve el ejercicio físico como terapia para mejorar y acelerar la recuperación de niños y adolescentes con cáncer

Category: Prevention and Mobility

Unleash Future Boats (Germany) is a conversion kit for powering boats and ships with green hydrogenand replacing diesel engines. The goal is to provide shipyards around the world with a completely emissions-free system that contributes to decarbonization and the protection of the planet.