The best recognition is the recognition of the audience

The Lee Friedlander exhibition receives the PHotoESPAÑA 2020 People’s Choice Award

New York

Lee Friedlander
New York, 1963
© Lee Friedlander, courtesy of Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco

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A photograph is an interrupted dialog if it has no receiver. And that is why every year, at the PHotoESPAÑA image festival, the public is given the chance to choose the best exhibition. On this occasion, among the 40 proposals in the official section, the Award was granted to our exhibition Lee Friedlander and his game of visual metaphors.

Lee Friedlander’s work delves into a world full of everyday elements, sometimes trivial. However this apparent normality acquires another dimension when observed more closely. Through the union of what seems as unconnected objects and ideas, the photographer captures the essence of American society with a critical view that goes beyond the ordinary vision of the real world.

The exhibition brings together close to 350 photographs, including a group of images taken in Spain in the sixties, as well as books and other documentary material.

From here we want to thank all the people who have voted our exhibition and all the public who, despite the pandemic, despite all the difficulties, still came to visit our exhibition and shared their emotions.

If you have not seen the Lee Friedlander, exhibition, there is still time. We look forward to welcoming you.