Children should travel safely in any vehicle

We tell you which child restraint system you should use in your second car

We tell you which child restraint system you should use in your second car

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Road Safety

In general, the tendency is not to opt for the same child restraint system that you have so carefully chosen to protect the child in your car, considering that the sporadic use of another vehicle reduces the risk of a road accident and that the same safety conditions are not necessary in a second car.

In addition, as these sporadic trips are usually made in well-known areas, we tend to think, wrongly, that this reduces the risk of an accident on the road.

But the truth is that most traffic accidents occur on short journeys and on roads we know well, where our attention levels are usually lower. Using a safety device of a lower level is therefore a serious mistake.

Accidents happen, regardless of our second car strategy, the sporadic nature of the trips and the decisions we make about them.

That is why our recommendation is that, if the children must travel in a vehicle that is not the usual one, you should use your child restraint system, which guarantees them the highest level of safety.

If, on the other hand, the trips are not so infrequent and you need to install a child restraint system permanently in a second car, perhaps belonging to a family member or friend, we recommend that you dedicate the necessary time and investment to find the best possible child restraint system for that particular vehicle.

When it comes to child safety, the car in which you install the restraint system is an “uncontrolled” variable, meaning that the device that best adapts to one car may not be the most suitable in another.

In any case, you should avoid apparently miraculous solutions that claim to cover the range from birth to 150 cm, since the adaptability of the system to the measurements and growth of children is directly related to the safety offered by the system.

Instead, you should opt for child restraint systems that cover smaller age ranges, which allow you to adapt the child’s position better and that are appropriate for your car. All this will undoubtedly translate into increased safety.

In the event of an accident, you should always be sure that you have chosen the best safety option to prevent injury to your child.