Clothes and reflective items

Reflective clothing and items are basic parts to avoid accidents or reduce their consequences


I was at a friend’s house and it got a bit late. It was dark and I had to go home on my motorcycle, which is in another town, taking a back road. Since it’s pretty close, I’d just put my helmet, gloves and an old jacket on. On the way back I had two cars behind me and both overtook with such bad luck that the second car hit me and I fell. Luckily I was able to control it and I just fractured my arm. The driver said that the reason he hit me was because he couldn’t see me since it was very dark.

Second chance:

The actual features of the motorcycle-motorcyclist can sometimes make it difficult for other vehicles to easily see you, so we have to make it easier for other drivers to see us earlier.

How? The first thing we must do is check our lights. Correct functioning and leveling is essential (and mandatory) for such a small vehicle to be seen, especially at night or in low visibility conditions.

In this case, the lights seem to have been working properly. What could the person who had the accident have done to avoid the collision? It’s normally recommendable to wear light colored clothes to increase your visibility. Above all, at night or in the fog, the best thing to do is wear reflective items. Most of the jackets and pants on the market already have reflective components in their designs, which helps the driver of the other vehicle to become aware of your presence. To increase this visibility, there are helmet stickers, as well as armbands and vests with fluorescent colors, or even jackets and vests completely covered in these bright colors.

We don’t know if the collision would have been avoided in this case, but we do know that by using these reflective items and bright colors, the motorcyclist improves their active safety because it’s easier for other drivers to see them.