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Learn about the projects and programs that Fundación MAPFRE has in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a volcanic and tropical country located in Central America. In addition to having a coastline on both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, it has two large inland lakes. A scenario during the 80’s of a bloody civil war, since 1990 it lives in a situation of relative stability and economic development.

4 projects

Luceros del Amanecer restores endangered childhood in Nicaragua

Current Project

The Luceros del Amanecer Home works to strengthen comprehensive care, quality education, nutrition, health and training programs to generate change and have a lasting impact on the most disadvantaged children, adolescents and families in the city of Camoapa.

Quality education in the schools of the Asociación Pan y Amor

Completed Project

The Asociación Pan y Amor (Bread and Love), through the school it manages, offers comprehensive education to almost 2.500 students from vulnerable backgrounds in pre-school, primary and secondary education, in Managua, Nicaragua. The entity also works with the children on the streets.