The Philippines

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Learn about the projects and programs that Fundación MAPFRE has in the Philippines
The Republic of the Philippines is another country where Fundación MAPFRE works. Specifically, it supports three projects on West Negros Island and in the towns of Manila and Santa Cruz de Davao. This Asian archipelago consists of 7,107 islands, inhabited by more than 100 million people. Their culture reflects the heritage left by the people who have passed through them, such as their Spanish place names or their Catholic religion, or English, which is currently the country’s official language, along with Filipino.

6 projects

A safe haven for children affected by violence

Current Project

Sexual abuse, prostitution, and violence in the home are just some of the situations the children who arrive at the Fundación Kalipay have lived through. The foundation helps them heal their wounds after having lived lives of misery on the streets. They find refuge here and feel protected.

Eugenia Ravasco Day Care Center: open doors for those most in need

Completed Project

Life in Parañaque, the Philippines, is not easy. That is why the Eugenia Ravasco Day Care Center, aimed mainly at educating children living in social exclusion, is open to everyone; to young people, to pregnant mothers and people with illnesses. In short, anyone who needs help.