Exhibitions in 2011

A diversity of artistic expressions

This year saw our commitment to photography consolidated with the exhibitions of two great masters: Eugéne Atget and Gotthard Schuh, and the first retrospective in Spain on the work of Adam Fuss.

In our objective to bring a whole range of different artistic expressions to the general public, we curated various exhibitions that enabled us to enjoy, for the first and only time in Madrid, the masterworks of Romanesque art from Barcelona's MNAC collection; the creations of Yves Saint Laurent featuring the art of fashion through a selection of his models, drawings, photographs and films; and finally a carefully-curated selection of drawings from our own collection in the exhibition entitled Hand with Pencil. 20th century drawings.

Adam Fuss Adam Fuss

Adam Fuss

This exhibition was the first retrospective in Spain of photographer Adam Fuss's work, comprising fifty photographs dating from 1986 through to the present day. Adam Fuss's art is an ongoing experience in every one of his projects; a corpus of revelations, sometimes fantastical and often inexplicable: light, water, flowers, birds, rabbits and serpents populate images full of beauty and mystery.

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The Splendor of Romanesque The Splendor of Romanesque

The Splendor of Romanesque

This exhibition presented some of the masterpieces of Romanesque art from the MNAC collection, a privileged opportunity to view these artworks on their first - and probably only - visit to Madrid. Indeed, only at the Paris Expo of 1937had it been previously possible to view such a significant collection of works as the ones presented in this exhibition.

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Eugéne Atget Eugéne Atget

Eugéne Atget

Fundación MAPFRE had the pleasure of presenting for the first time in Madrid the work of the French photographer Eugène Atget (Libourne, 1857 - Paris, 1927), an outstanding master whose contribution to the history of photography has been fundamental. His enigmatic images inspired many artists throughout the 20th century and continue to inspire today.

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Hand with Pencil Hand with Pencil

Hand with Pencil

This exhibition presented for the first time at the Recoletos gallery in Madrid a significant part of Fundación MAPFRE's collection of 20th century drawings.

The exhibition "Hand with Pencil. Drawings from the 20th century" featured a carefully-curated selection of over one hundred drawings, giving an insight into the huge panorama of art from the last century both in Spain and abroad.

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Yves Saint Laurent Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent

The exhibition was based on a structured theme and encompassed around 150 haute couture and prèt-à-porter models as well as over 80 drawings, photographs and films. The staging of the creations selected for the exhibition was conceived as a theatrical progression from YSL's beginnings as a designer at Dior with the famous collection “Trapèze” (1958) through to the magnificence of his evening gowns.

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Gotthard Schuh Gotthard Schuh

Gotthard Schuh

This exhibition presented for the first time in Spain the work of photographer Gotthard Schuh (Berlin-Schöneberg D 1897- Küsnacht ZH 1969). Comprising 113 photographs, ninety-three of which were taken by Gotthard Schuh, the exhibition presented him alongside some of the most important Swiss photographers of that time, all of whom were members of the Kollegium of Swiss Photographers (Kollegium Schweizer Photographen) in the 1950s.

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