Espacio Miró

From 01/10/2020 to 10/01/2021

Entering the artistic universe of Miró means discovering the embodiment of pure color, identifying the logic of symbols and evaluating the difficult harmony between the constant and the ethereal. The Catalan artist, who exerted a powerful influence on key American painters of the mid-20th century, was a creator, magician and genius of contemporary.

With this exhibition we seek to dig deeper into Miró's soul through 65 works which include some of the symbols most characteristic of his work: stars, suns, moons, birds and feminine forms. The elements of his works are strategically placed on the canvas and speak to the importance of meditation in art and the concept of controlled spontaneity. Furthermore, five of Calder's structures reveal the friendship and professional relationship between the two artists.

Colección permanente. Espacio Miró
Painting (For David Fernández Miró), 1965 Private Collection on Temporary Loan © Joan Ramon Bonet. Archivo Successió Miró