Upcoming Exhibitions

Upcoming Exhibitions Upcoming Exhibitions

Discover all the exhibitions to be held in coming months at our Madrid and Barcelona exhibition halls. Photography, painting, sculpture, drawing... come and surprise yourself, make plans.

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Anthony Hernandez Anthony Hernandez

Anthony Hernandez
Rodeo Drive #3, 1984
Printed 2014; dye destruction print; courtesy the artist
© Anthony Hernandez

Anthony Hernandez

Fundación MAPFRE Bárbara de Braganza Exhibition Hall (Madrid)

Curator: Erin O´Toole


The first retrospective in Spain of this great North American photographer includes a varied range of work which, as well as having a formal beauty, includes his concern for contemporary social problems. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Anthony Hernandez developed his own particular style of photography, in tune with the desolated enchantment and the wide-open spaces of his birthplace. Throughout his career he has skilfully combined black and white and color photography.

Despite the fact that Hernandez has turned his gaze back to other cities in Europe and the United States, with his areas inhabited by the working classes and the homeless, this has always been a recurring topic of his.

From Chagall to Malévich: Art in Revolution From Chagall to Malévich: Art in Revolution

Kazimir Malévich
Suprematism, 1915-1916
The Regional Art Museum of Kovalenko, Krasnodar INV. КП-10432 Ж-358
© The Krasnodar Regional Art Museum named after F.A. Kovalenko, 2018, provided with assistance from the State Museum and Exhibition Center ROSIZO

From Chagall to Malévich: Art in Revolution

Fundación MAPFRE Recoletos Exhibition Hall (Madrid)

Curator: Jean-Louis Prat


At the beginning of the 20th century Russia established itself as one of the centers of the artistic avant-garde: some of the most radical and revolutionary modern art and design movements originated there. Numerous artists hailing from Russia travel to France and Germany where they come into contact with more advanced cultural movements and they even form part of some of the groups that construct the first movements breaking with the art of the past, where they incorporate their knowledge of traditions such as iconography or an interest in rural themes. Moreover, the social unrest which led to the October Revolution of 1917 contributes to the rise of some of the most utopian and radical turning points in 20th century art. We must also mention the decisive role of several Russian collectors who acquired numerous avant-garde works in the Parisian galleries and encouraged the spread of this new kind of art in the Russian capitals. From the poetic lyricism of Chagall to the extreme abstraction of Malévich, this exhibition takes you on a journey of one of the most influential periods in the evolution of modern art and leads you through unstable times marked by experimentation, pushing the boundaries and excitement at the arrival of a new order.

Berenice Abbott Berenice Abbott

Berenice Abbott
[Self Portrait – Distortion], ca. 1930
Courtesy of the Howard Greenberg Gallery
© Getty Images/Berenice Abbott

Berenice Abbott

Fundación MAPFRE Casa Garriga Nogués Exhibition Hall (Barcelona)

Curator: Estrella de Diego


Berenice Abbott is one of the first photographers to have effectively portrayed the transformation of New York in the mid-1950s, a period in which the city became the symbol of a new way of understanding urban architecture and the epitome of the modern society. A successor to the documentary tradition of Eugène Atget, whom she helped promote, Abbott portrayed numerous personalities on the intellectual scene during her stay in Paris; within only a few years she had become a leading figure among European photographers and an important link between the avant-garde of the old continent and the growing artistic scene of the east coast of the United States. The exhibition also presents part of Abbott's work dedicated to scientific photography, a sample of a more experimental air within her later work.