A family environment for every boy and girl

Schooling, health care, a household and food for 50 young people

A family environment for every boy and girl A family environment for every boy and girl

SOS Children´s Villages is developing this program of foster care in Mar de Plata to provide an environment of development to children who have lost their parents. With the support of Fundación MAPFRE, this NGO places groups of 6 to 9 children of different ages with a professionally qualified and paid caregiver who is responsible for the care, development and protection of the children in her/his care.

SOS Children´s Villages accompanies these children in their development until they can manage independently or until it is possible to re-link them to their family of origin. This program provides them with schooling, health care, a home, and food.

SOS Children’s Villages started in Argentina in 1978, beginning its activities with the construction of a small village made up of six families in Oberá, in the Misiones province. Currently, SOS Children’s Villages offers service to more than 1,000 children and young people in situations of need.