Comprehensive care for children in Barahona

Support to high-risk children under 6 years old and to their families

Comprehensive care for children in Barahona Comprehensive care for children in Barahona

Through their “Development of extremely poor families with children at high risk” program, the Fundacion Amanacer Infantil’s center in Barahona takes care of more than one hundred  children, in collaboration with Fundación MAPFRE

Comprehensive care is given to children under six years of age in situations of abandonment, abuse, extreme malnutrition  etc. all the while working with their families, so that they may give their children the attention they need. 

This initiative offers psychological and legal care, protection, and special education support to children as well as employment and training to their families in order to overcome precarious circumstances.

In this way, the center offers educational, psychological, nutritional and health attention and protection to the children at serious risk, in an especially critical area of the Dominican Republic. Not only is this area the most economically depressed, it is also characterized by high immigration from bordering Haiti. These factors make the rates of child abandonment and mortality, school dropout, child labor, malnutrition, unemployment and gender violence especially high in Barahona. 

Amanecer Infantil Foundation, a Spanish NGO, was founded in 2007 to provide comprehensive attention to children (under six years of age) at high risk in the Dominican Republic. The foundation works with the children through their Child Care Centre, and at the same time, works with the parents to ensure they give their children the attention they need