Caring for the neediest families in Manila

This project provides educational and economic resources, medical care and a balanced diet

Caring for the neediest families in Manila Caring for the neediest families in Manila

The Eugenia Ravasco Day Care Center INC provides support to families living in difficult economic situations through its “Seeds of Hope” project. The center, which receives support from Fundacion MAPFRE, offers a comprehensive education, a balanced diet, and the necessary medical care to young people up to the age of 18.

The project also offers support to pregnant women and to the elderly who do not have the necessary economic resources to afford medical expenses. In addition, it works with families experiencing difficulties by offering modest scholarships for school expenses, and by helping in family crises or natural disasters.

The project’s objective is to provide and sustain a clean, safe, and warm environment, to allow the boys and girls to enjoy their childhood and young adults to finish their studies, and to permit all those who need help to find it within the organization.

The Eugenia Ravasco Day Care Center INC, a non-profit organization, has been working in Manila for many years in order to make for a better society by easing the burden on those who live in it. It gives special attention to child care but also provides support and assistance to young people and adults to whom it offers the tools they need to attain a higher quality of life.