Nutritional care for impoverished children in Turkey

55 student receive six daily meals

55 student receive six daily meals 55 student receive six daily meals

The Darüşşafa Society manages a project that takes responsibility for covering the nutritional expenses of 55 under-14 year olds who are boarders at schools in Darüşşafaka, Turkey.

The organization is working towards providing a quality education on equal terms to talented youngsters who have lost a parent or find themselves in financial difficulties.

This nutritional care project, which has enjoyed a collaboration from Fundación MAPFRE since 2017, consists of covering the nutritional needs of 55 students at the center, who every day receive: breakfast, lunch and dinner plus mid-morning, mid-afternoon and evening snacks.

The Darüşşafaka Society, founded in 1863, is the first non-governmental association in the field of education in Turkey. It provides access to a quality education for young people who have lost one of their parents and find themselves in a disadvantageous financial situation.