Fundación MAPFRE has been working for years in the Ottoman country

Know all the projects and programs that Fundación MAPFRE has in Turkey

Turkey is a country located on the Anatolian Peninsula in Asia and the Balkan region of Thrace in Europe. This privileged geographical position between two continents has historically made the country a crossroads of cultures, a bridge between East and West. The country, a major regional power, has been a candidate for accession to the European Union since 2005.

9 projects

A good quality education for underprivileged children in Turkey

Current Project

The children chosen to receive an education at the Darüşşafaka Society have lost either their mother or father and do not have the resources needed to receive a good education. This organization provides them with everything they need to develop fully

Financial and insurance education for underprivileged youth

Current Project

There are outstanding students in Turkey who cannot continue their studies due to a lack of resources. We support the Fundación TEV so that 51 students can obtain their higher degrees in the fields of insurance, banking, finance and actuarial studies.

The TSEV offers training on insurance and professional development

Completed Project

The Turkish Insurance Institute (TSEV) is running the corporate training program for people with disabilities, which aims to train a total of 20 people with disabilities by providing them with training in insurance and career development in corporate companies.