Road Safety Programs

Reinforcing the culture of safety

Road Safety Road Safety

Our aim is to raise public awareness of the need to prevent all types of traffic accidents and to reduce accident and injury rates. To achieve this we work on various communication and awareness programs on road safety. We segment our target audience by risk factor group (children, young people, adults and the elderly) with increasing attention given to vulnerable groups (pedestrians and riders of two-wheeled vehicles).

Our main areas of activity are training, education and research.

Road Safety in Companies Road Safety in Companies


We believe it is essential to make companies aware of the need to prevent occupational risks and improve the road safety of its workers. To do this, we have launched a website where we provide all the information, courses and the necessary resources to help them in this respect. Go to the program.

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Doctors for Road Safety Doctors for Road Safety


Doctors can offer the best means of raising awareness of the need to promote accident prevention through healthcare. We want to help you convey to your patients how diseases, their symptoms and treatments can lead to risks on the public highway, either as pedestrians or drivers. Find out more.

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Child Restraint Systems Child Restraint Systems


Which is the safest child seat? Up to what age one should be used? We provide you with all the necessary information for buying child seats and their proper use as well as regulations, reports and answers to all your queries. Protect children from traffic accidents.

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Safe young drivers Safe young drivers


Road accidents are the main cause of death in young people aged 15 to 29 but they can be avoided with the right information and the correct attitude. Take part in our courses and learn how to be a good driver. You could win a grant to help you get a driving license.

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Goal Zero Goal Zero

Goal Zero

In order to reach the target of reducing mortal accident victims to zero, we take part in the international GOAL ZERO program, aimed towards the most vulnerable collectives (pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists), to make them aware of the risk factors that can help them develop safe driving habits. More info.

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