© Daniel Vázquez Díaz. VEGAP, Madrid, 2022


La alameda de Fuenterrabía
The Alameda of Fuenterrabía
Daniel Vázquez Díaz
Oil on canvas
Printed area size: 73 × 56 cm
Measures with a framework: 79 × 62 cm
ca. 1918-1920
Signed in the lower left corner: "Vázquez Díaz"
Born: Nerva, Huelva, 1882
Died: Madrid, 1969
La alameda de Fuenterrabía

© Daniel Vázquez Díaz. VEGAP, Madrid, 2022


During the trip that led him to Paris in 1906, the train Vázquez Díaz was travelling on arrived in Irún. However, before crossing the border the artist wanted to visit the city of Fuenterrabía. Seduced by the landscape of the Bidasoa River, the visit became a five month stay. In San Sebastian he came into contact with writers and artists, establishing a relationship with the Basque Country that would continue throughout his life.

In 1918 when he abandoned his Parisian life in order to return to Madrid, he spent a few months in the Guipuzkoan city once again. The alameda was where the market would be set up and where dances and traditional celebrations were held. Vázquez Díaz began a series dedicated to the trees in that park. This oil painting belongs said series and is part of the Fundación MAPFRE Collection. The work joins an interplay of gray hues reminiscent of French Postimpressionism with geometric structures, while reducing the landscape to its essence.

La alameda de Fuenterrabía

© Daniel Vázquez Díaz. VEGAP, Madrid, 2022

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