Conventional roads and Road Safety

As they are even more dangerous, pay even more attention

As they are even more dangerous, pay even more attention

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Driving on conventional roads, i.e. roads that have vehicles traveling in opposing directions with no physical separation between the lanes, requires particular attention. Junctions, oncoming vehicles, the coexistence of vulnerable users such as pedestrians and cyclists and overtaking all represent an added element of danger.

But not all of the responsibility for accidents on these roads is down to driving. Lack of maintenance and protection systems along many stretches, road layouts and traffic intensity are variables to be taken into account.

The solution lies in improving road maintenance, making sure there is protection in place to eliminate accident black spots and establishing safe lanes for other users, such as cyclists so they are separated. The most ambitious proposals are for a change in the road layout where possible, in order to make two lanes plus one, which alternate every certain number of kilometers with a central barrier that guarantees head-on collisions can be avoided.

Over the period these solutions are put in place, we as drivers can only take responsibility for doing our part by being more careful when driving on these roads.

We want to avoid fatalities on secondary roads. To achieve this, we need your help.

Together we can achieve Goal Zero.