MAPFRE-UP Community in Santa Fe

Comprehensive care to improve the life of a whole community

MAPFRE-UP Community in Santa Fe MAPFRE-UP Community in Santa Fe play

The main objective of the Community MAPFRE- Panamerican University is the improvement of living conditions of those in most need through an ambitious comprehensive care program. This center is located in the Colonia de Santa Fe, an area which presents major social inequalities among its 750,000 inhabitants, of whom 31% are living in poverty.

The Center brings together various activities, workshops and services aimed at covering the basic needs of the users, as well as contributing to the promotion of their abilities and providing them orientation in values. The final objective is for them to become and develop as fully active members of their society.

The Center building consists of three floors. “Comedor Santa María,” the dining area, which provides daily meals to 330 young people and pregnant women, is located on the first floor. In order to handle medical needs and to contribute to the early arrest of illnesses, a doctor’s surgery, an infirmary and a pharmacy dispensing affordable medicines for all are also located on this floor.

On the second floor, there is an office for free legal advice, as well as a psychologist’s consulting room where cases of domestic violence are a specialism. Lastly, the third floor is where the educational workshops are held, which are organized as to age and whose activities range from education in values, to tutoring, to domestic chores or to reading.

The Panamerican University was founded in 1967 as a business school. The Panamerican Institute for Humanities (IPH) was upgraded to a University in 1978. Presently this educational institution has three campuses, where nearly 12,000 students study for the 33 different degrees offered.