Preventing child malnutrition in Venezuela

75 children are provided with breakfasts and afternoon snacks

Preventing child malnutrition in Venezuela Preventing child malnutrition in Venezuela

The Somos Comunidad Association is carrying out the “Support for the nutrition of the preschooler” project, with the backing of Fundación MAPFRE, at the Center for Early Education in the community of Camurí Grande, providing preschoolers with breakfasts and afternoon snacks.

This initiative looks after 75 children with the objective of preventing malnutrition and contributing to the children’s correct development and growth. The Association is in charge of supervising the development of the menu to guarantee a balanced diet.

In addition, the children receive an anthropometric evaluation which allows their health to be assessed on a continuous basis, by evaluating their weight each quarter, as well as their percentage of body fat and muscle mass.

The ultimate aim of this project is to improve, through diet, the children’s academic performance and favor their permanence in the educational system.

The “Somos Comunidad” Association (previously called the Asociación Civil Comunidad Camurí Grande) is a non-profit organization which started in 1999 with the aim of contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of the inhabitants of the communities of Camurí Grande, Naiguatá and surrounding areas, offering them the opportunity to receive quality services at a reasonable cost. Presently, the organization is working in five lines of action: health, education, music, technology and community.