Socially Responsible Companies

Corporate responsibility changes lives

Corporate responsibility changes lives Corporate responsibility changes lives

We promote solidarity-based activities. Having the support of socially responsible companies is not only a privilege for us, it also showcases the fundamental purpose of Show Solidarity: social actors working together to reach a goal, improving the lives of those in need.

In today's world, companies are an important engine of change and social progress. As well as being wealth creators, everyone involved in these efforts can collectively push to reach socially responsible goals.  For 21st century companies, financial performance is not the only goal. Corporate social responsibility has reached the management boards and helped to humanize the why and what for of their existence.

At Show Solidarity we help businesses channel their spirit of solidarity. We introduce them to associations working on causes aligned with their philosophy and organize their corporate volunteering, thereby allowing them to fulfill their responsibility to society.

We are grateful to all the people who form part of our socially responsible companies for their support in improving the lives of thousands of people. Thanks to them, Show Solidarity can carry out all the good causes it is committed to.

Serving society is simple. Join our program

If you are a company with over 100 employees  and you would like to become one of our Socially Responsible Companies, the process is very simple. All you need to do is send your information to and we will get in contact with you.

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