Socially Responsible Companies

Corporate responsibility changes lives

Corporate responsibility changes lives Corporate responsibility changes lives

In today's world, companies are an important engine of change and social progress. As well as being wealth creators, everyone involved in these efforts can collectively push to reach socially responsible goals. For 21st century companies, financial performance is not the only goal. Corporate social responsibility has reached the management boards and helped to humanize the why and what for of their existence.

At Sé Solidario (Be Charitable) we help companies channel their spirit of solidarity and roll out their Corporate Social Responsibility programs. We introduce them to associations working on causes aligned with their philosophy and organize their corporate volunteering, thereby allowing them to fulfill their responsibility to society. We also encourage professional volunteering in order for specialists to share their know-how and train associations and people in the areas within their professional activity.

Do you want to join our program? If you are a company with over 100 employees and you would like to become one of our Socially Responsible Companies, the process is very simple. All you need to do is send your information to and we will get in contact with you.

Find out about our socially responsible companies and their generous initiatives.

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Vass Vass


VASS has always tried to bring its company philosophy to volunteering areas. And with the slogan “the value of making it simple” it carries out its professional activity and implements its initiatives to help others. Their collaboration with Sé Solidario has allowed them to provide a framework and scope to their dedication to social causes.

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Viding Viding


At Viding, given the fact that so many people pass through their municipal sports centers on a daily basis they realized that this could be a catalyst for actions aimed at improving the conditions of people at risk of social exclusion.

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Solunion Solunion


Solunion is a Spanish insurance company with a strong international presence. But their expansionary spirit is not their only goal. Concern for others is in their DNA and their bedrocks are social and environmental causes and well-being.

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CPP Group Spain CPP Group Spain

CPP Group Spain

CPP is dedicated to providing solutions to people who are experiencing difficulties. Therefore, in a completely organic way, companies have a philosophy of protecting their employees and others who also need protection. Their goal is to integrate volunteering into their Corporate Social Responsibility program.

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Bureau Veritas Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas demonstrates their commitment to society by supporting our “Share your dreams, Give hope” childrens' stories collection campaign. We are grateful to you for your involvement in sharing a wonderful, fantastical and hope-filled world.

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