We support projects of local entities

We support projects of local entities

Colombia is a presidential republic located in the far north of South America. It is the only country in the subcontinent that has coasts on both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, through the Caribbean Sea. Its population is the result of a blend of Native Americans, Europeans and Africans. Fundación MAPFRE works in collaboration with local entities to develop their projects.

13 projects

Breaking the cycle of poverty for teenage mothers in Colombia

Current Project

Fundación Juanfe offers education and work for teenage mothers in Cartagena in order to help them escape the poverty trap. They learn how to empower themselves and how to provide their children with a stable environment where they can have a healthy childhood safe from violence and extreme poverty.

Laudes Infantis Foundation: learn to build

Completed Project

The Laudes Infantis Foundation is carrying out the “School for leaders of social and productive enterprises” project and a community project based on bartering to improve opportunities for the most disadvantaged in Bogotá

FUCOLDE: teaching values is the best investment for the future

Completed Project

The Colombian Foundation for Development (FUCOLDE), is carrying out the “Values for Coexistence and Skills for Youth Employment” and “Programa Integral Niños, Niñas y Adolescentes con Oportunidades” (Comprehensive Program for Boys, Girls and Adolescents) projects through which it seeks to produce environments of healthy coexistence and safe spaces that prevent child recruitment by armed groups.

Dharma Foundation: a home for hope

Completed Project

The Dharma Foundation, has set up a home for children with cancer in which 105 minors from low income backgrounds receive education, food and health care in Bogotá, Colombia.

A better future thanks to the Casa de la Madre y el Niño

Completed Project

The Casa de la Madre y el Niño offers its young beneficiaries the chance of a better future by continuing their studies and living with a foster family which will provide the right environment to help them break the cycle of poverty.