CPP Group Spain

Offering protection in all areas

Offering protection in all areas Offering protection in all areas

CPP Group Spain offers a travel assistance service in order to protect you if you have problems using bank cards or making internet purchases or with the car keys. In short, it offers a range of products which protect people on a daily basis.

Working within this field, it is therefore no surprise that the company shows considerable concern for social issues. This vocation was initially rolled out through small Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives which were very positively received by workers, but due to a lack of time and not knowing how to fully implement them, this issue ended up taking a back seat. In 2018, the company decided to professionalize its CSR and got in contact with the Sé Solidario program in order to develop CRS activities, mainly seeking to shape their corporate volunteering.

No less than 500 kilos of food for the El Refugio community kitchen's summer campaign has been collected thanks to this collaboration. With their help, the kitchen received milk, cheese and oil for the needs of the entire summer, which is a time when donations tend to be few and far between and there are not enough volunteers to help out at the kitchen.

Thanks to CPP many people could get something to eat. We count on their support to reach even more people in need.