Everything is possible if it is simple

Everything is possible if it is simple Everything is possible if it is simple

Since 2015 this Spanish digital solutions consultancy organizes activities to assist people in need, such as for example, supporting employee solidarity projects and organizing Christmas season solidarity in order to collect toys, in which workers and their families take part. But their work doesn't stop there. In 2016 the company decided to earmark 2% of its profits to social activities and allow workers to spend two days a year working on volunteering activities.

For VASS their slogan is “the value of making it simple”. This blueprint governs their company conduct. Among their values are commitment, dynamism decision-making, the simplicity of their proposals and making sure to enjoy their work. These values have led them to the Sé Solidario, program, in order to channel their spirit of solidarity, to float their ideas and get into contact with associations which they would otherwise be unable to reach.

At VASS they not only carry out volunteering work but thanks to their professional volunteering they have trained and supported all the #SéSolidario program associations, in order for them to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). They also take part in the “Ponte a Punto” program, in which Workers attend the course in order to help prepare students by holding mock interviews, teaching them how to act, what to say, how to make the most of and highlight their strong points, to take care of their appearance and a thousand other details that can make all the difference.

Over 30 Group VASS employees helped out at the Hijas de la Caridad community kitchen, helping out and covering the dietary needs of the people visiting it. Since October the volunteering actions are aimed at awareness campaigns designed for Christmas with the NGO Avanza. The work of the volunteers consists of classifying and making inventory of toys, clothes and food which was collected during Christmas in order to be distributed among over 5,500 people at risk of social exclusion in Madrid.

Thank you VASS for your support. Thank you for your excitement and enthusiasm.