Sport and solidarity, an unbeatable duo

Sport and solidarity, an unbeatable duo Sport and solidarity, an unbeatable duo play

Viding is a company with a creative spirit and thanks to Sé Solidario they have provided an outlet for this: how to make the most of their facilities and contacts in order to contribute their grain of sand. And what better way than the field in which they work, sport.

Viding firstly wanted to bring together competitivity with the desire to help others. This is how the challenge, an IndoorCycling competition in all their facilities in Spain, first arose. Every kilometer cycled in each center translated into money to buy bicycles which have enabled children in a town in India to be able to get to school. 40 bicycles have reached India thanks to this initiative.

With the #ENTRENATUSOLIDARIDAD campaign, over 100 kg of sports clothing was collected and handed out to 90 children from Children's Villages. The clothing which was not usable was replaced with milk which was delivered to the San Vicente de Paul community kitchen. This action is hoping to close with a sporting activity where children can enjoy a game which will include a talk on the benefits of doing sports. Uniting health and solidarity to improve lives.

Healthy competition, good habits and solidarity. We are grateful to all of Viding's employees for making this possible.