Completed projects

Together we managed to change the lives of thousands of people

Completed projects Completed projects

Each completed project translates into hundreds of stories that mark a before and after in the lives of people at risk of social exclusion.

Books to change lives Books to change lives

Share dreams, Give the Gift of Hope Campaign

Stories give free rein to your imagination, they transport us to magical worlds and help us to dream. These stories bring joy to children who need it the most. Thanks to your generosity and with the support of Bureau Veritas we are going to spread hope to hundreds of children.

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El patio de los valientes El patio de los valientes

El patio de los valientes

El Patio de los Valientes is a project being run by ANDEX in the Hospital Virgen del Rocío in Seville, with the goal of constructing an outside playground and recreational area to brighten up the lives of youngsters admitted for a stay in the Child Oncology Unit.

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A child's universe A child's universe

A child's universe

The ADEMPA association has rolled out a project to renew the materials and furniture required by hundreds of children with psychomotor and maturational retardation.

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Hogares por el Futuro Hogares por el Futuro

Hogares para el Futuro

Hogares para el futuro, a project from the Mundo Justo Association, aims to provide a decent homes for all the mothers with children up to 16 years old at risk of social exclusion, who found themselves outside the remit of the State's welfare system.

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Mucho más que comer Mucho más que comer

Mucho más que comer

We collaborate with the Casa Caridad NGO with a project that aims to help families at risk of social exclusion with children from 1 to 3 years old who visit their educational centers on a daily basis.

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El Pato Amarillo El Pato Amarillo

El Pato Amarillo

In the neighborhood of Orcasitas in Madrid, Pilar Aural, the heart and soul of El Pato Amarillo, has been helping families in dire circumstances survive for years. The organization insists on giving a chance to those who have lost practically everything.

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San Vicente de Paul San Vicente de Paul

San Vicente de Paul

San Vicente de Paul operates across Spain and their work is based on direct, face-to-face care for the most needy people. Their objective is to bridge welfare gaps and uphold social justice.

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The future in a pencil case The future in a pencil case

The future in a pencil case

Didi you know that over 750,000 children in Spain cannot afford to buy enough material to start the new school year? Thanks to this project we succeeded in improving this situation in Spain to ensure the equality of every boy and girl.

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After the natural phenomenon ‘The Coastal Niño’ swept through Peru, leaving the country devasTated, Fundación MAPFRE acted rapidly to send Spanish firefighters who installed four water treatment plants that supplied more than 16,000 people.

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Osteogenesis imperfecta Osteogenesis imperfecta

Osteogenesis imperfecta

Children such as Paula and Lucía, who have to live with ‘brittle bones’, will be safer in cars every time they travel. We have collected enough money to develop a demonstration model of a child restraint system specifically for children with brittle bone disease.

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Helping Ecuador Helping Ecuador

Helping Ecuador

Thanks to the participation of many people like you, we were able to help alleviate the terrible consequences of the earthquake that struck on 16 April 2016, making it possible to set up two water treatment plants capable of supplying 8,000 citizens and a hospital.

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Comedor Colonia de Santa Fe (Ciudad de México) Comedor Colonia de Santa Fe (Ciudad de México)

Santa Fe Community Meal Center (Mexico City)

Santa Fe is one of the areas of Mexico City with the highest levels of inequality and poverty, where many children have no access to a balanced diet. But thanks to you we are eradicating this situation. Now, 330 children in Santa Fe are provided with a healthy meal every day.

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