A devastated country. Over half a million people affected by “THE COASTAL EL NIÑO” in Peru. The country was in need of immediate humanitarian aid. Thanks to your contribution we have been able to provide them with the assistance they needed.

Thank you for helping the people of Peru Thank you for helping the people of Peru

The heavy rains in Peru that provoked the phenomenon known as “The Coastal El Niño” began in mid-March. The consequences up until now include 115 deaths, hundreds of injured and thousands of people affected across the whole of Peru: a situation of national catastrophe that Fundación MAPFRE has done everything in its power to alleviate.

The heavy rains, the overflowing of the river Rimac and the landslides caused by “The Coastal El Niño” phenomenon devastated the area of Huachipa, located to the east of Lima, Peru.

Power cuts, shortages, damaged homes… A chaotic situation that affected more than 100,000 people. Immediate action was required.

Fundación MAPFRE launched the emergency campaign #EMERGENCIAPERÚ that consisted of sending bags of basic food items to the people of Huachipa. These bags managed to sustain over 3,500 families for 2-3 days.

Another of the major problems that needed sorting out was the lack of clean water: to solve this we sent out four water treatment plants to cover the needs of up to 16,000 people.

None of these actions would have been possible without the solidarity of people like you. Donation by donation we have been able to help all the affected by "THE COASTAL EL NIÑO" phenomenon.

In collaboration with the Presidency of the country's Council of Ministers, our volunteers set up the campaign UNA SOLA FUERZA (A Single Force), thanks to which collections of basic essential items such as clothing and food were organized.

Additionally, a team from the Firefighters Consortium of Malaga went to the affected area to assist with the rescue work of the local population and to provide them with basic first aid.

They needed us and we were there for them. Just in time. Thank you for making it possible.

Your solidarity changes lives