Equipment for the Aladina ICU at Niño Jesús Hospital

Beds, cots, special stands… thanks to your help, the children's ward is now equipped with adapted features to improve the quality of life of the patients

Equipment for the Aladina ICU of the Niño Jesús Hospital Equipment for the Aladina ICU of the Niño Jesús Hospital

We managed to raise the 30,000 euros! With your donation, we have purchased the material needed by the unit, helping children who have to spend time there to get the best possible treatment.

Thanks to you they now have ten beds for pediatric ICU patients, a polytrauma bed, a pediatric cot and several special stands to make it easier to feed the children.

The in-depth refurbishment of the Aladina ICU included improvements such as opening up areas of natural light, providing the unit with the latest technology and making family stays more comfortable by setting up rest areas for parents, comfortable chairs next to the beds, and blinds to separate the beds for privacy, helping as far as possible to make the ward a warm, private and family-oriented space.

Your donation has been vital in implementing this action. Thank you!