Crossroads initiative

Improving the lives of the most vulnerable people

Crossroads initiative Crossroads initiative

Fundación MAPFRE is keen to support initiatives in favor of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people. Join us to help us achieve this goal and become a charitable partner.

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Donations are used solely for the project. Fundación MAPFRE pays all the management fees so that your contribution goes directly to the people who need it.

Through the Crossroads initiative, our intention is to collaborate directly with projects that impact on people's physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing. We want to give a voice to all the projects that seek to improve the lives of people affected by ailments or at risk of social exclusion who fall outside the boundaries of the usual support systems. We want to help deal with diseases or situations that while affecting only a small percentage of society statistically speaking, entail an enormous human cost.

Supporting an active and healthy aging process in people with Down Syndrome Supporting an active and healthy aging process in people with Down Syndrome

Deserving of a decent retirement

When a person with Down Syndrome decides to work in an ordinary company they are starting on the path to integration. Although the time may come when, for specific reasons that might come up in adulthood, they will be obliged to take long-term sick leave or to leave their job. Aura Fundació has rolled out a program that offers comprehensive care in order to help these people keep their independence, to boost their quality of life and foster an active and healthy aging process.

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Soldados de Ainara supports research into Cach syndrome Soldados de Ainara supports research into Cach syndrome

Born too soon for science

Ainara is suffering from white matter lesions on her brain. This is called leukoencephalopathy, otherwise known as Cach Syndrome. Tito and Alex also suffer from this rare disease, which has no treatment or cure. Faced with a lack of help and information, their families fight to promote research work that could improve their children's quality of life and they support people who might find themselves in the same situation.

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