Crossroads initiative

Improving the lives of the most vulnerable people

Crossroads initiative Crossroads initiative

Fundación MAPFRE is keen to support initiatives in favor of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people. Join us to help us achieve this goal and become a charitable partner.

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Through the Crossroads initiative, our intention is to collaborate directly with projects that impact on people's physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing. We want to give a voice to all the projects that seek to improve the lives of people affected by ailments or at risk of social exclusion who fall outside the boundaries of the usual support systems.  These are diseases or situations that affect a small percentage of the population in statistical terms, but which have huge repercussions on a human level.

El patio de los valientes El patio de los valientes

El patio de los valientes

El Patio de los Valientes is a project being run by ANDEX in the Hospital Virgen del Rocío in Seville, with the goal of constructing an outside playground and recreational area to brighten up the lives of youngsters admitted for a stay in the Child Oncology Unit.

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A child's universe A child's universe

Universos infantiles

The ADEMPA association is relying on you to renew the material and furniture required by hundreds of children with psychomotor and maturational retardation. No physical condition should affect the possibilities for a child's future.

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