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Safety and support for families

Safety and support for families Safety and support for families play

“We started 2018 on a good footing. The Tengo Hogar Foundation was chosen to take part in the Fundación MAPFRE Sé Solidario (Be Charitable) campaign.

This proved to be a major step forward for us in our ability to help families. The program helps us to restart the lives of a great many of them. How?

  • Providing them with a childcare place or a carer in order to ensure that their children are perfectly cared for while they are working.
  • Offering them help to meet basic living costs, food and supplies if they lose their job or while they are training to become certified and gain access to decent employment.
  • Allowing young children with special needs to receive specialized education and care which is hard for a single mother at risk of exclusion to be able to pay for.
  • Fostering access to university studies in a single-parent family whose main source of income is the parent's low security job.
  • This program has been vital to the physical recovery of a mother after an operation, and supported all the family's need after a long rehabilitation period.

Sé Solidario is a helping hand that reinforces and extends our work, accompanying families in their most difficult moments, giving them security and support to move forward.

These donations have given a boost to eleven families so far, with more than 30 people seeing a notable improvement in their quality of life and we want that number to keep on growing.

Thank you Fundación MAPFRE, Thank you #SéSolidario program.

Tengo Hogar is a foundation comprised of volunteers united by a common purpose; helping families at risk of exclusion. The foundation accompanies them in their day to day life in order to help them with their daily problems, ranging from searching for employment, accessing housing or something as basic as being able to buy food.

The financial crisis left a lot of families in a vulnerable situation. Tengo Hogar intervenes in order to support them and help them get out of a rut. These are families with some income but are temporarily unable to cover their basic necessities due to a specific setback. They are families with a true desire to get back on track, with excellent possibilities of recovery and, above all, with a desire to improve their situation.