Claudio Serrano

The voice of Christian Bale gives a the voice to the Andrés Marcio Foundation

Claudio Serrano Claudio Serrano play

This time Claudio Serrano is not providing the voice of Christian Bale. On this occasion, he is offering his voice to the Andrés Marcio Foundation, an institution that works to expand scientific research into the little known disease called laminopathy, a rare heart condition. Its objective is to prolong the lives of children with this disease and to fight to find a cure.

Help those most in need. They are waiting for a super-hero, and it just might be you.

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Fundación MAPFRE wants to provide a voice to those most in need of one through the charitable initiative 'Voces del Alma'. Well known voices such as that of Claudio Serrano will help to give exposure to these small organizations who undertake essential and necessary work.

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