Juan Carlos Gustems

The voice of Vin Diesel gives a voice to the Fundación NIDO

Juan Carlos Gustems Juan Carlos Gustems play

We at Fundación MAPFRE want to give a voice to those most in need of one, those small organizations who fight to improve the lives of the thousands of people who live at risk of social exclusion. One out of every 500 Spaniards suffers from cerebral palsy, causing them severe complications in daily activities such as eating or walking. It's probable that if you hear this from the Fundación NIDO, you won't listen to them. But if all this came from the mouth of an action hero?

That's why, this time, Juan Carlos Gustems (voice double for Vin Diesel) is lending his voice to this foundation and to all of the people who suffer the consequences of a disease that currently has no cure.

They need our help to refurbish their center and they can't do it without you.

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