Awareness Campaigns

We are working to raise society's consciousness and awareness of the most common risk factors present in everyday life

Prevention of drowning in swimming pools and beaches Prevention of drowning in swimming pools and beaches

Prevention of drowning in swimming pools and beaches

We want you to enjoy yourself in the water safely! That is why we have carried out a study and produced a guide with recommendations to avoid accidents and drowning in the aquatic-marine environment. Let's take care when enjoying the water!

Fire Prevention Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention

Avoid actions that can trigger fires and learn how to act safely should you be faced with one. Discover all manner of materials that will help you avoid accidents like this happening.

Mujeres por el Corazón Mujeres por el Corazón

Mujeres por el Corazón

Would you know how to recognize the symptoms of a heart attack? There is no reason for a woman to experience the same indications as a man. Identify the early signs of cardiovascular disease and foster healthy lifestyle habits. Knowing the symptoms can save lives.

Sos Respira Sos Respira

S.O.S. Respira

Do you know what to do if someone chokes while eating? Something as simple as the Heimlich maneuver can save lives. Through S.O.S Respira we want everybody to know how to act in the event of someone choking. Discover our APP and our training courses to find out how to perform the maneuvers required. 

Play Safe Play Safe

Juega Seguro

Between all of us we can prevent sudden death, especially on the football pitch, where team members are submitted to great physical over-exertion. Through the 11 basic steps collected together on our CPR11 APP, we will save lives. Will you join us? 

Join Goal Zero Join Goal Zero

Join Goal Zero

With your help we can get to Goal Zero. Will you join us? Only together can we achieve zero victims of traffic accidents.
Jóvenes Seguros Jóvenes Seguros

Jóvenes Seguros

Learn how to identify the main risks while at the wheel! Take our online safe driving course and you could obtain a grant towards getting your driving license. Will you sign up?