Home for children with cancer in Bogota

105 children receive help from the Dharma Foundation

Home for children with cancer in Bogota Home for children with cancer in Bogota

The Dharma Foundation with the support of Fundación MAPFRE carries out this initiative with the aim of taking in children with cancer in Bogota. The project provides both a home and food for 105 children with cancer from all over the country while they are treated at centers such as Instituto Nacional de Cancerología, Clínica Salud, IPS Oncosalud, Hospital San Ignacio, Clínica San Diego, Clínica del Niño and Clínica Cardiovascular Pediátrica de Soacha.

The patients can continue their academic development --treatments permitting-- with the support of the Foundation, which works on their reintegration into their environment and daily life as soon as possible. This support may be in the form of scholarships and economic resources to cover costs—material, uniforms, transport, etc. In addition, the beneficiaries have a computer room so they do not fall behind with their academic studies.

This project also helps the children manage pain, anxiety and other traumatic experiences due to the disease and organizes workshops which promote behavior in line with their age and other specific situations.

Since its founding in 1998, the Dharma Foundation has been providing help to children and young people with cancer and with extremely limited resources.