All children have the right to play

Fundación MAPFRE volunteers visit an “Amanecer Infantil” center

All children have the right to play All children have the right to play

A team of Fundación MAPFRE volunteers visited the center that the Amanecer Infantil organization has in Barahona, in the Dominican Republic.

The volunteers were delighted by the affection of the children who are cared for by the organization, and many presents and toys were exchanged.

They spent an activity-filled, magical day in which there was no shortage of affection from the volunteers and staff of the center. These children participate in this comprehensive care program because they come from situations of extreme poverty.

The Amanecer Infantil Foundation has been providing care to children for eleven years in an especially critical area of the Dominican Republic. The area of Barahona is one of the most economically depressed in the country, with especially high rates of child abandonment and mortality, school dropout, child labor, malnutrition, unemployment and gender violence.

It is an honor for Fundación MAPFRE to collaborate on this project which offers children at risk new opportunities, enabling them to develop and grow in a safe environment with all the resources they need.